Fire Gym is a Muay Thai club owned and run by Liam Hamilton, a veteran of this sport having started the journey back in 1984 under the tutelage of the now legendary Master Toddy & Master Sken.


Fire Gym is based in Whitley, south Reading just by the M4 j11.  We share our home with the Whitly Boxing Club and the club itself is a professional gym with boxing ring, bags, Sandee, Yakkao, Twins and Boon equipment. 


Our club is solely focused on Muay Thai,  the national sport of Thailand,  we are open to all levels from people who just wish to learn something new and keep fit, through to professional fighters.


Liam first started coaching after moving to the Berkshire area in 2000,  not being able to find a Muay Thai club decided to start one and Newbury Muay Thai was born.   Newbury Muay Thai became know for producing top class fighters competing at British and International levels, some even now live and train in Thailand to this day.


Sadly in 2009, our gym closed its doors and we moved to Basingstoke to all new premises and the name Fire Gym was born.  


In 2015 we found our new and current home in Reading so please come along an join in making this club a success

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